purchase paperbackWhat do you see when you travel?  Have you experienced Deep Travel?  Renowned author Tony Hiss's latest book In Motion: The Experience of Travel is now available in paperback from APA Planners Press.

"Tony Hiss’s remarkable new book, IN MOTION, gives a name, Deep Travel, to a state of mind and way of thinking that I consider the best friend of anyone in the design community – planners, landscape architects, architects, engineers, and everyone who helps change the face of the earth.  IN MOTION is in no way a textbook, but it’s such a good guide to getting in touch with a wide-angle, all-senses-on deck refocusing of the mind that, reading it, I felt like I was  watching my own mind in motion over the last 25 years."

from the new foreword by Robert D. Yaro, President, Regional Plan Association and Practice Professor, University of Pennsylvania


Most Americans spend an hour and a half each day traveling –and what does travel do for their lives, aside from shifting them from Point A to Point B? Is it time well spent?

Why is traveling sometimes so compelling? Why only sometimes? What's present when travel is special, and what's missing when it isn't?

In his extraordinarily wide-ranging new book, In Motion: The Experience of Travel, Tony Hiss (author of the award-winning The Experience of Place) once again explores territory so close we tend to look right past it – in this case, how the human mind responds to being in motion. Hiss rescues and celebrates travel's "hidden dimension," a uniquely wide-awake awareness he calls Deep Travel. Neglected by modern society but built into all of us, Deep Travel's mental refocusing is an "open sesame" that enlarges the world around us while prolonging the present moment.

In Motion is a book for everyone who's spent time moving around, since Hiss shows how each of us can take personal control of this powerful, ancient capacity, setting out simple techniques for slipping into it (such as the "Warsaw method"). In addition, like The Experience of Place, In Motion will be of special interest to anyone who creates the "building blocks" of our travel experiences – travel and transportation providers; park designers and environmentalists; urban and regional planners; architects and landscape architects. By making our awareness one of the central concerns of travel, In Motion is the opening statement in an ongoing conversation about creating the travel experiences of the future.

After In Motion, no journey will ever be the same.



In Motion: The Experience of Travel by Tony Hiss“A brilliant, mind-opening book that will change how you see your world.  Tony Hiss takes you to places that are both out there and inside your own mind, and offers a strikingly new perspective on such basic questions as ‘What makes us human?’ and ‘Why do we explore?’  I recommend that you read it before you take another step.” —Andrew Weil, M.D. 

“Resonant ... intriguing ... deep, fascinating.... In Motion will certainly set minds in motion, heading deep into the roving nature of humanity.” —Christine Thomas, The Miami Herald

 "[In Motion] begins with the assumption that when we take a trip, something sublime can change the way we perceive the world. Somehow, our vision tilts, our senses are shaken awake, and we can feel refreshed by what we see. This is, after all, why we travel for pleasure: to see new places that will somehow make us new in the bargain . . . But Hiss takes the principle a step further, arguing that this same sense of transformation - what he calls 'Deep Travel' - can also be enjoyed in the more modest trips we take every day: running to the store, commuting to work, walking within our own neighborhoods . . . In search of source material, Hiss embarks on his characteristically ambitious survey of science and the humanities, quoting everyone from Lewis Thomas to Thomas Mann, Henry David Thoreau to E.O. Wilson, Copernicus to 'Bugs Bunny' director Chuck Jones . . . In Motion is itself an example of the author's recurring point - that the mind can even travel deeply when its owner is at rest." --Danny Heitman, The Christian Science Monitor

“For Tony Hiss, a trip can bring a sense of heightened awareness of the world, a kind of sensory exhilaration.” —William Dalrymple, The New York Times Sunday Book Review

“Wonderful revelations.... A meditation on the myriad ways humans perceive time and space, history and place.” —Jeff Greenwald, San Francisco Chronicle

“Hiss envisions deep travel as a tool to help us lead richer lives and make us more flexible and ethical thinkers.... As the book explores how to enrich our lives with wonder, it too is infused with the author's sense of wonder.... I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more awake as she moves through life.... [In Motion is] a treatise on creativity -- on learning how to see things at once as magical and as they are.” —Katrina Vandenberg, Orion Magazine

The high excitement of In Motion comes from the way Tony Hiss can present so much cutting-edge information in a pattern that creates a fuller and more articulate understanding of what we are.  His reporter’s nose for a good story combines with a tremendous breadth and depth of vision; the result is both fun and mind-altering, a real eye-opener, a changer of consciousness.  It’s a book not only to read but to live.” —Kim Stanley Robinson  

“Long occupied with matters of design, environment and regional planning, Hiss turns his attention to the possibilities of larger understanding inherent in traveling, or more precisely, what he calls Deep Travel, that ‘ground-shifting variant of ordinary waking consciousness.’ Much more than simply moving from place to place or simply changing scenery, Deep Travel is a parallel journey that sharpens our perceptions, altering space – creating a larger ‘here’ – and time – extending it, making a larger ‘now.’ As we immerse ourselves in Deep Travel, insights previously hidden or otherwise unavailable are revealed to the off-balance mind... An intellectual walkabout filled with arresting, wide-ranging perceptions, quite unlike any other travel book.” —Kirkus Reviews (September 1, 2010)

“Hiss shares his own enlightening experiences of the mind in motion, acting as our Virgil of Deep Travel.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review 



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