I returned last night from a trip to Australia and learned that deep travel can come 10,000 miles from home --or in my own neighborhood. 

First, Australia. What an extraordinary place it is --familiar in language, culture and urban form, yet so foreign in flora, fauna and landform. All of the places we visited were so memorable, mostly because we walked everywhere or took local trams, ferries and trains. First, there's always the disorienting realization that the sun is in the north! Perhaps we've all had the experience of visiting some well known landmark for the first time and finding that it's not exactly as it appears in the travel books. To me the best part of seeing Sydney Harbor from the ferry wasn't the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House, but rather seeing the sailboats and quiet coves off Sydney Harbor and feeling the warm breeze off the Pacific. A place and a memory to be cherished! Unfortunately, the airports in NY, San Francisco and in Australia were all generic international airports -- familiar and forgettable all.

But then, returning home.  A trip around my Stamford, CT neighborhood this morning in my antique Morris Minor Traveller, an English "Woodie," after more than a week away from home, also made for a memorable travel experience. Brief stops at the beach and at overlooks of Long Island Sound and Stamford Harbor on this sparkling sunny day reminded me just how special things are right here at home. And there's something magical about travelling in a hand-crafted wooden car that makes even this everyday experience special.

Bob Yaro, Stamford, CT