So that we can all get to know Deep Travel better – how this part of our mind works and how to get to it, and as part of an ongoing campaign to make Deep Travel an ordinary part of everyone’s daily travels, howwetravel.org is collecting the first permanent collection of Deep Travel tales and tips.  If you’ve never before stopped to think about how to set down your own Deep Travel experiences in words (pictures are welcome, too, of course), here’s a short list of questions that may jog your mind and serve as a framework for letting others know what you noticed.

Deep Travel accounts are a way of setting down and making notes about the “inside” of travel, by describing those moments when everything suddenly becomes fresh, vivid, heightened, intensified, and when you don’t know exactly what will happen next.  For me, Deep Travel episodes and encounters are the “other point” of travel (besides getting somewhere); they’re deeply refreshing; they create enduring memories that stay intact years later.  Sometimes they even change your understanding of the world and yourself.

Hope you can join this informal Deep Travel Exploration and Mapping Project – and many thanks!  Who knows what we’ll find?  Maybe there are places or times of day or long views or glimpses of the unexpected in every community that routinely evoke Deep Travel encounters as we move through them – and maybe, too, there are other spots only a few blocks away where reaching Deep Travel has suddenly been made more difficult by some change or changes, turning such areas into places that now need our help and rescue.  Or maybe it’s a vehicle or a right-of-way that captures our attention as a Deep Travel Plus or a Deep Travel Minus.

  • Where did your last or best Deep Travel experience take place, and had you ever been there before?
  • More precisely: What were the cross streets?  Or the approximate longitude/latitude of the location?
  • Where were you coming from, and where were you right before it happened?
  • What mode of travel were you using?
  • How would you describe the experience?
  • Were any smells, sights, or sounds particularly important?
  • What were you feeling?
  • Did any memories or connections to other places and times come to mind?
  • Did your sense of time change in any way?
  • Where did you go next, and did the Deep Travel sense stay with you or fade?

Here's a downloadable chart to help you record the deep travel moments in your next travel experience.